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Distributing golden tickets NOW!

by admin.

The HAXLR8R crew is having a terrific time connecting with entrepreneurs from all over the world and that should last for the next 2 weeks with a packed schedule!

We are grateful of such enthusiasm, passion and life in all the hardware ventures...

The Mystical Art of Cost Estimation

by Zach.

If you're a hardware company, you are in the business of selling things. In order to make money, you need to sell your things for more than they cost you to make. This is basic economics, but the application of this principle is anything but...

How to Spot a Good Factory

by Zach.

Lisa Q. Fetterman of Nomiku fame and graduate of the HAXLR8R 2012 program has written up an excellent article over at MAKE Blog about how to spot a good factory in China.  The Nomiku team has gone from making kits to going pro in a less than...

Electronics Prototyping in Shenzhen

by Zach.

There is no other place in the world where you can prototype as quickly or as cheaply as Shenzhen.  It is one of the wonderful side effects of being the Factory of the World.  If you're a startup and you want to quickly iterate on your...

PCB Assembly 101

by Zach.

Electronics are inside nearly every consumer hardware device you buy today. They are the brains and guts that make our devices interesting. If youre building a hardware startup, chances are good that youll need to design and produce your own...