HAXLR8R // Program


Hack what?

HAXLR8R is a 111 days startup accelerator program which is focused on providing hardware-based startups from ALL OVER THE WORLD with the appropriate support to deliver their concept into a competitive reality!

Haxlr8r Platform

During those few weeks, we help teams transform themselves into functional companies by providing mentorship, seed funding and immersion into an intense startup community of like-minded entrepreneurs. At the end of the program teams have the opportunity to present their company to US-based investors during our HAXLR8R DAY.

HAXLR8R 4 will run from January to May, with the last week spent in the Bay area. First stop will be Shenzhen, China, where you will finalize your prototype or work on scaling your business if you have a working model. Each week, you will meet with advisors that will offer feedback on your team’s concepts and prototypes, as well as provide valuable insight about how to scale a company in terms of manufacturing, supply chain management and distribution. The final 2 weeks of the program will be spent on getting your pitches awesome, as you will be heading back to the Valley for the big show. After that, go own your market, wherever that is!

What you get

The main thing we will give you is mentorship: lots and lots of advice, expertise and fire in your pants. We have over 50 kick-ass entrepreneurs, industry experts and hands-on folks who are more than willing to share their invaluable knowledge and experiences with you. We will also provide you with some seed capital ($6,000 per founders, maximum three founders + an optional $5,000) and some freebies, while making sure you find a temporary home wherever you go. Of course you get to access our fully-equipped workspace for you and the other teams, where we’ll be making doughnuts. Ultimately and if you survived the China experience, you will have the opportunity to demo your prototype to a group of investors.

Haxlr8r Roadmap

And in terms of service and equipments?

Sure, you will have at your disposal and according to a schedule access to the following: 

Equipments include:

Laser Cutter
SMT Oven
Pick and Place Machine
3D printer
Basic Machine Toolbench
Spectrum Analyser
AC Power
Massage Chair, Pingpong table, Table Soccer...

Service include (in-house):

Prototyping modules (Arduino, Groves and many etc)
PCB prototyping
Small Batch assembly and testing

If something is not available or accessible, count on us to make things happen anyway (JFDI also applies to us).

How to get in

Apply, duh! We will be accepting applications from November 25th to January 31st. Yeah, if you are reading this, it's a bit late but no worries we will be back soon so feel free to continue applying for the next batch...

The program is especially valuable if you are not based in China, but folks from China are of course welcome.

Haxlr8r Process

What’s next?

JFDI! For fifteen weeks, HAXLR8R provides you with an environment where you can focus on building your prototype, manufacture and distribute it. This is your chance to put a concentrated effort into bringing your dream into reality and we will assist you in every way possible. Twice a week, you will then share your progress and receive feedbacks from mentors and peers. At the end of the program you will be facing investors and we’ll make sure you are ready for that. 

Seeking capital is not trivial but we’ll all be working our asses off to make things happen.

And the program, for real?

March - May 2012: Immersion with mentors, cranking things out in Shenzhen
Early June: In the Valley to meet with investors

Why would I build a prototype in China?

Because now, you can.

- You will be close to production. This will allow you to really understand how the cookies are made from the beginning of the product development process, which for a physical product, is critical.

- You will be working with different types of engineers. In China, engineers are designing with cost constraints as a primary guide: awesome and lean. This is a very different design process than working with a product development firm elsewhere, where function is first and done regardless of price. This works for academia or fat established firms, but not for a small company trying to launch new products with real cost constraints.

- The art of the Shanzhai. There is some serious brilliance hidden in the cheap solar lamp or fake iPhone! Tap some of that genius and apply it towards other objectives.

- While you will of course benefit from the factory proximity, a group of people hear to help, peer mentoring and all, you will also experience quite a cultural shock down here :-)

- It's cheaper, and every penny counts for a startup. Here is a conservative overview of what it means on the ground:

Haxlr8r Parts Costs Comparison Usa China

Ready to rock?